Smoothing Surrogacy law in India

Published: 29th June 2010
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Now everyone can have baby ,with the new draft bill on its way soon surrogacy in India will open its doors of commercial surrogacy for all couples,Single men, single women, gays and lesbians may soon get the legal sanction to undergo surrogacy in India.

Best part is The draft Bill legalising surrogacy in India - the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) [Regulation] Bill 2010 has provided for single parenthood by allowing "unmarried couples" and "single persons" from India and abroad to have children using ART procedure and surrogate mothers in India.........Read More.....

By conferring the right to have children on unmarried couples and single persons, the bill attempts to achieve several historic feats - legalizing commercial surrogacy, single parenthood, live-in relationships and entitling gays and lesbians complete article at

This is a positive step in favour of choice and equality as it could open up a legal channel for anyone, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation or marital status, to start their own families.

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